Feb 25

Alves, Juliana is the next Carnival Muse we will portray in our Goddess of Brazil Carnaval Gallery. The 27 years old Brazilian actress is the new sensation on the entrainment scenario and is a long enthusiast of the samba and Carnaval. Let´s understand how this passion was born. In an interview, Juliana Alves stated she began listening to classic samba composers like Cartola, Paulinho da Viola, with her father called Sebastião. According to Alves, Juliana the samba was so embedded within the family that they even had a kind of ‘family anthem’, which was late Gonzaguinha´s famous song called “O que é o que é?” .

Above, the Juliana Alves, Carnaval Queen as Perola Negra Samba-School Drum Queen from Sao Paulo

Juliana is a passionate samba fan and has been literally to all samba-schools ‘quadras’ in Rio, where she practices her samba routines. (The Brazilian Muse actually lives two blocks away from Unidos da Vila Samba-School premises. ) Some of these quadras include Unidos da Tijuca, Portela, Mocidade Independente, Império da Tijuca, and Salgueiro. Important not to forget Juliana started her professional life as a true dancer, so she naturally has rhythm, specially samba, running thorough her veins. Continue reading »

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Feb 23

Brazil Muses and Queens are integral part of the Brazilian Carnaval show. They have an important role and we could not imagine the parades in Brazil without their beauty and elegant dances. Many who are not familiar with the Carnival culture of Brazil may suppose they are only there to show-off great bodies, but that is not their cultural purpose. Their magic is much more powerful than mortals like us can suppose. Continue reading »

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Feb 22

We still have another 4 months to Carnaval in Rio, but Rio de Janeiro has a new Carnival Queen, Shayene Cesario. The muse we have described in the past has just been elected yesterday, October 9th, the new Official Rio de Janeiro 2010 Carnival Queen. The contest occurred in Rio´s Samba City.

When the Official Rio de Janeiro Queen and Princess Contest was over, Shayene Cesário could never imagine she would be crowned the Official Rio de Janeiro Carnival Queen, winning over 12 other contenders. The decision was made by a judging panel that considered several attributes for the final scores, including samba dance abilities, overall charisma, sympathy, body elegance and facial expressions. Members of the judging panel included: Sidney Rezende, Selmynha Sorrisoz, Viviane Araújo, and actor Davi Pinheiro.
Continue reading »

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Feb 22

Anyone contemplating the idea of Brazil tours is certainly going to be having the holiday of a lifetime! There are endless opportunities for visitors to tour this fascinating country—Brazil simply has it all. Among the many tours that Brazil has to offer are:

Brazil Tours: Rio de Janeiro
Most Brazil tours either start or finish in Rio. Besides touring the world-famous beaches and mountains surrounding Rio, tour operators in Brazil can also arrange for visitors to this city to tour the historic downtown neighborhoods of Centro, Lapa, and Santa Teresa. Here, Brazil tours will include a walk down some of the old colonial narrow cobbled streets and grand plazas, as well as tours of the churches and museums. What’s more, no tour of Brazil would be complete without the experience of shopping in Rio!

For the sports-minded visitor to Rio, local tour operators in Brazil can arrange for you to do some hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, surfing, and even attend a game of soccer. Whether you’re interested in athletics, history, or art, a tour of Rio is well worth putting on your vacation itinerary. Continue reading »

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Feb 20

Viviane Araujo Brazilian Girl Carnaval Continue reading »

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